tagawayAs the seasons change one of the best things to do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to simply go for a walk. You can walk down your street, perhaps find a nature trail in your city or town or maybe you can even head to the gym and walk a few laps around a track or on a treadmill. If you choose to take a walk outside I want you to pay attention to the lawns you pass. I’m sure you’ll notice that most lawns are mowed short and the grass is green, if they have any grass. But I want you to look at the state of the dandelion infestation. You’ll notice that some lawns have zero dandelions while others right next door can have over one hundred of the little buggers. Dandelions don’t discriminate and will show up on anyone’s lawn. You can cut them, you can pull them out from the root or you can apply a weed killer to the top of them in the hopes of getting rid of them. Sometimes it works for a long period of time and some treatments are only temporary. If you think about it, dandelions are a lot like skin tags.

No, I’m not crazy. Think about it. Skin tags don’t discriminate and they will grow on anyone. A single person can have anywhere from one to over one hundred skin tags on their body at any given time. There are several treatments like cutting, using liquid nitrogen or other topical creams. Some treatments are permanent and some are only temporary. Do you see it now? Dandelions are the skin tags of the dermatologist world.

There are several methods to remove a skin tag; you can cut it off, thread it, use a topical cream or use a topical freezing product. Cutting is the most instant method as once you cut it the skin tag is gone. The remaining three methods all take time but some are quicker than others.

Two of the better known topical cream products out here are Tag Away® and Pristine Herbal Touch®. Both use natural ingredients and both are applied topically to the skin tag itself. While they have similarities they also have differences. It’s important to compare all products before you make a decision so that you can ensure you are getting a product that will do what you want.

Tag Away® is applied daily. It uses a lot of plant extracts that are proven not to burn, blister or peel your skin which is really important to know. Just because you don’t want a skin tag anymore doesn’t mean you want a scar instead, right? It is easy to use no matter what colour your skin is or what kind of complexion you have. It’s very easy to use from you own home and doesn’t require a lot of materials to apply it. Just use a cotton swab to apply the solution to the skin tag and you’re good to go! It will take about 3-8 weeks for the skin tag to fall off however.

If we look at the other product I mentioned, Pristine Herbal Touch®, we can see a lot of similarities and some differences. It too is a topical cream and it claims to be made with plant extracts, hence the ‘Herbal’ in the title. There are a lot of differences though. Where Tag Away® needs to be applied daily for 3-8 weeks Pristine Herbal Touch® only needs to be applied once. The kit it comes with is quite extensive with cotton swabs, an emery board, applicator sticks, the vanish cream and the anti-bacterial solution. Phew. That’s a lot of stuff! Another issue with Pristine Herbal Touch® is that many people have complained that it is very painful when it’s applied. But at least you only need to apply it once and it only takes up to 2 weeks for the tag to fall off.