tagremovalcreamSkin tags, also known as acrochordons, are an unattractive nuisance that seem to pop up on nearly everyone at some point in their life, more women than men. They are commonly found in creases and folds of the skin, particularly on the neck, armpits and eyelids. They appear as small, 1 cm to 1 inch long, completely benign and painless growths of excess skin cells and often become bulbous or darkly pigmented as they enlarge. They erupt above the surface of the skin but root underneath the layers, ready to grow back if they are cut off or improperly removed. The cutting of skin tags, especially if the tools are not properly sanitized, can lead to an infection that is far worse than the skin tag itself. The easiest way to avoid the risk of infection, is to avoid cutting your skin tag off by any means. The safest way to remove skin tags is to use a naturally-derived skin tag removal cream or oil that doesn’t contain questionable or harsh chemicals.

While they are completely harmless, many people choose to remove skin tags because they are unsightly, appearing much like contagious warts do. Additionally, skin tags can grow large enough to rub or get caught on clothing and jewelry, tearing the skin and causing scarring. Although there are several different methods of skin tag removal, the use of natural oils and creams is the only guarantee that you will not be left with a scar or blemish in place of the skin tag.

ElimiTag is a natural oil-based skin tag removal cream that relies on the drying and healing powers of Cedar Leaf Oil, Tea Tree Oil (found in almost all skin tag removal creams), and Lemon Oil which is known to dry out skin tags quickly because of the natural citric acids. Derived from plants, these natural oils work quickly, with consistent application, to dry out the skin tag from the tip to the very root, ensuring that once it falls off it won’t grow back. The active ingredient in this cream is Thuja Occidentalis, another type of natural evergreen tree oil that is also very common among skin tag removal creams. ElimiTag is 100% all-natural and guarantees results with consistent use.

ElimiTag is slightly cheaper than other skin tag removal creams that contain virtually the same ingredients. The product is $19.99 for a 15ml bottle that generally lasts for 4 weeks of applications. The company often provides special offers that ship additional products at no extra charge. Because the results can take up to 6 weeks to see, more than one bottle is often necessary for the complete removal of the skin tag or tags. Also, ElimiTag offers a longer money-back guarantee of 90 days to ensure that if results aren’t seen after 12 weeks, your money will be fully refunded as the product clearly is not right for you.

Because ElimiTag is completely natural, there is no risk of irritation unless you already are aware of an allergy to any of the ingredients. It is perfectly safe for sensitive skin and sensitive areas of the body where skin tags commonly appear like the groin and eyelids. Unlike many other skin tag treatment oils have “trade secret” ingredients that are not disclosed to the consumer, ElimiTag provides a full list of all of its ingredients. The complete list of ingredients is as follows; Thuja Oil, Cedar Leaf Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil (Tea Tree Oil), Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (Castor Seed Oil), and Lemon Oil, all of which have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.