remediesAre you experiencing what is known as a skin tag, or skin tab? Skin tags are small benign growths of the skin that look like little balloons or mushrooms of hanging skin. They can vary in color and typically appear in areas of the body where the skin rubs together.

Unfortunately, both males and females equally share this condition. If you are overweight, you may experience a higher incidence of skin tags. The medical name for skin tags is acrochordon. They typically appear at the base of the neck, in the underarms, on the eyelids, under the breasts and in the fold of the buttocks or groin.

Sadly, there is not a whole lot that can be done to prevent skin tags, and if they appear in a high traffic area, it is possible that once you remove the skin tag, it will reappear again. See your doctor to verify that you, in fact, have a skin tag as some cancers of the skin can look very similar. He or she will go over your treatment options. If you don’t have the ability to see a doctor and want to remove it yourself I would highly recommend using a time tested, well proven DIY remedy.

The number one ingredient in most topical skin tag removal products is Calendula officinalis. It is an evergreen coniferous tree in the cypress family. You will want to make sure whatever product that you buy, it is a therapeutic grade oil of calendula officinalis. This will ensure that it will remove the skin tag quickly and easily. Ideally the product will contain other natural homeopathic ingredients that will speed up the removal process and care for the skin in the surrounding area.

You can buy any number of skin tag removal products online. Be sure to read the product reviews prior to purchasing it to see what others have experienced. Be aware that some skin tag removal products may have a foul smell. You may want to implement it during periods of the day when you won’t be around other people. With a diligent daily effort, you will shrink the skin tag and eventually it will fall completely off.

Another proven effective remedy is tea tree oil. Again, therapeutic grade oil is what you want to buy. You will save yourself a significant amount of effort and heartache by starting with a high-quality product. If it is low quality, you could apply it to the skin tag for a considerable amount of time and see no results.

Once you find the product that you feel comfortable with, apply it by following the instructions from the manufacturer. You should apply the oil using a Q-tip or cotton ball. Some treatments include a brush that you can use to apply it to the skin tag. You only need a very small amount, just a drop or two. The product will begin to work immediately, and is gentle and effective. Please check with the manufacturer or your doctor before applying either of these oils to skin tags on your eyelids. You do not want to damage your vision in any way.

You will begin to see results fairly quickly if you diligently use the product every day. Usually within a week or two. It varies for each individual, and depends on where the skin tag is located and its size.

During the process, the skin tag will change forms and may become hard and scaley. Do not pick at it, but just allow the removal product to do the work for you. If you pick at the skin tag, you could cause permanent damage to you skin resulting in a scar. Be patient and if you stick to your regimen, you will see fast, lasting results.